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Sasawashi Bath Mat | Beige


SASAWASHI's Bath Mat is wonderfully textured and comfortable on your feet. The trademark SASAWASHI pile made from a blend of Washi paper and Kumazasa fibre, is firm and quickly absorbs water after bathing to keep feet dry. This specialty weave is naturally antibacterial and deodorising. An anti-slip backing makes it perfect for use on any surface. Made in Japan.

‐ Pile: 100% Paper (SASAWASHI)
‐ Base fabric: Polyester, Polypropylene
‐ Piping: 100% Acrylic
‐ Backing: Anti-slip finish
‐ Do not use tumble dry
‐ Machine washable
‐ Please wash separately from other coloured items
‐ Do not use bleach, wash with mild detergent
‐ Made in Japan
‐ 45cm x 65cm


SASAWASHI is an all natural fabric made from a combination of traditional Japanese paper (Washi) and leaves of the Kumazasa plant.

KUMAZASA is a plant of the graminee family growing in the cool highlands of Japan. This hardy plant is known for its strong antibacterial properties. It has been used to preserve food such as SASASUSHI, SASADANGO (dumplings), and CHIMAKI (rice dumplings), all which are wrapped in SASA leaves. Among all KUMAZASA' s benefits, SASAWASHI products focus especially on its antibacterial properties and are produced "as they are" in their natural state.

WASHI is a strong, durable, water-resistant and versatile material with its own beauty. Shoji (sliding WASHI paper doors) keep you cool in hot, humid summers and warm in winter thanks to their humidity control, water absorption, insulation and UV protection. As WASHI can absorb both oil and water, it is used as blotting paper and oil absorbent cooking paper.

Multi-use, these mats make great bath mats but can also be used as a relaxing mat for dogs and cats in summer, some customers come back to buy a second mat because their pet claimed the first! Since there is no lint, pet hair does not get tangled and is easy to remove. They can also be used at the foot of the bed, or at doorways as a welcome mat.